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Your child will receive live tutoring and daily access to engaging, motivating game-based math & reading software!

Daily Program Lessons

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Award Winning Software

Your child will complete daily lessons in our fun, motivating, online math and reading software programs.

Live Weekly Tutoring Session


Informed Instuction

Our tutors will assess and direct your child's learning in weekly one-on-one instructional sessions.

How Our Tutors Know Your Child's Needs

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Tried, Tested, and True

Our tutors use in-depth reporting tools to target instruction for your child and to keep parents informed of their child's progress.

Math PreK-2

Our Math PreK-2 offers an inspiring environment where storybook learning is encouraged to get those creative minds counting. The program includes lovable and culturally relevant characters to stimulate student curiosity and attention to math!

Children this age tend to disappear into their own fantasy worlds quite easily.  Math PreK-2 places them in a virtual world similar to the real world, making that connection between math and daily life. It's all about connection, relatability, and keeping their attention on the subject matter through creativity.

Math 3+

Grades 3 to 9

With disruptions in education over the past year, you never know if your child is getting efficient math instruction.  Hopefully, your child is not falling behind.

Why worry, though? Whether your child is a mathlete or needs a bit of support, Imagine Math 3+ has got them covered! Each lesson adapts its rigorous math instruction, which means your child will get the personalized learning they need!

Watch as your child gains an in-depth understanding of math concepts and builds confidence, so they are ready to succeed in college and career opportunities come their way.

Reading & Literacy

Pre-K to Grade 6

Strong reading skills are critical to every child's success in school and life.  With solid reading skills, they will be happier students, more successful in their assignments, and build their confidence.

Strengthen your child's reading and literacy skills through effective learning material and research-based assessments!​

  •  Initial Placement Assessment

  • Adaptive Personalized Lessons

  • Over 4,300 Engaging Activities

  • 3500 +ocabulary words

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