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BrainSkills Reading Academy 

12 Week Reading Intervention

5 x 45-minute sessions per week

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Brain Skills Reading Academy:  Grades 2+


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Do you want your child reading at grade level? Is there a reading gap that has not closed? We know that children will need to have strong reading skills to learn. Moving from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” is tough when reading skills have not fully developed. If you are looking for an intensive short-term reading intervention group, this is for you. This is a booster shot of reading intervention that will show growth in your child’s reading. Engagement in our reading intervention group offers the following:


✔Online classes with a small reading group of 5 x 45-minute sessions per week for 12 weeks. Guided by a qualified teacher who is trained in literacy and reading development.


✔Pre-assessment diagnosis reading level of your child to ensure appropriate levelled placement in a reading intervention group.


✔Small group reading group of only 3-4 students.


✔Unlimited access to our online reading and literacy software for additional support.


✔Ongoing progress monitoring by a qualified teacher.


✔Opportunity for parents to also progress monitor.


✔Feedback on your child’s progress and reading level through frequent reports and communication from the teacher.


✔Pre-assessment and post-assessment to highlight reading growth in comparison to grade-level equivalents. Schedule your free consultation today!

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