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We have the skills and tools to help your child succeed but space is limited!

You want your child to succeed. We know that. But it's been a big challenge with education being disrupted so much this year. It's left many parents feeling overwhelmed. 

We're here to help!

We'll help your child to get back on track while reducing your concern and worry. Here's how we accomplish that:

  • A placement test will identify just what help your child needs without you struggling to "figure that out."

  • Weekly one-on-one support and instruction from a certified teacher so you won't have to prepare any more lessons.

  • Fun, daily, game-based activities that build your child's skills and frees up your time.

At BrainSkills Learning Centre, our certified teachers are ready to help you and your child succeed!


LIVE and Online Learning For Academic Success!

Your child will receive live tutoring and daily access to engaging, motivating game-based math & reading software!

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Online Class
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Daily Lessons

Individual Learning Path

Your child will complete daily lessons in our fun, motivating, online math and reading software programs.


Personal Tutoring

Our tutors will assess and direct your child's learning in weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Follow Your Child's Progress

Data For Parents

Watch your child's progress as our tutors use in-depth reporting tools to target instruction for your child.